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Why Free Customer WiFi is the Right Move for Retailers

Responding to customer demand, more retailers offer free customer WiFi today than ever before. Once, WiFi was viewed as a cost item on the balance sheet, but retailers are learning that free customer WiFi can provide substantial ROI. Here are four profit-oriented benefits of free WiFi for customers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Customers appreciate the convenience of WiFi access when they walk into your store, and the improved customer experience contributes to loyalty. When they log in to the WiFi, you have an opportunity to promote your brand and offer special perks in exchange for contact information. The WiFi also makes it easy to integrate a customer loyalty program that rewards them for returning again and again.

Increase Sales

Customers who can use their mobile devices in your store will spend more time in your store. Their ability to check email and social media, to read reviews, and to respond to texts and phone calls translates directly to more time exposed to the products in your aisles.

Plus, when they’re logged into your WiFi, you can track their location in your store and trigger coupons for items as they approach them. Additionally, splash pages when they log into WiFi can alert them to current specials and promotions.

Collect Customer Data

Offering free WiFi to your customers provides you with access to a wealth of data for marketing and promotion purposes. You’ll know who is logging in, what locations they visit, how often they visit, and, if they’re logged into a loyalty program, how much money they spend. This enables you to target your marketing and provide perks in real time to increase loyalty and sales numbers.

Enhance Marketing

Providing free WiFi also gives your visitors an opportunity to check in on social media, post photos of your products and specials, and share their experience with their friends. They can text about special deals you’re offering and communicate with friends about potential purchases. Additionally, customers can leave reviews of your store immediately, while the experience is fresh in their minds, and share those reviews to their networks. Employees can encourage this behavior when a customer is happy with their experience, further enhancing the benefits of the WiFi.

Even the existence of your branded WiFi network acts as a form of exposure advertising. Potential customers in nearby stores, coffee shops, and restaurants will see your network pop up as an option when they log in at their location, alerting them to the proximity of your store, and potentially influencing them to make a visit.

With all of the advantages to be had, WiFi is clearly a right move for retailers. We’d love to help you roll it out. Call us today to find out how we improve the speed and profitability of your WiFi installation.