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Worldwide Healthcare Provider Optimizes Network Performance

Customer Overview: Healthcare chain operating 4,000 outpatient clinics, providing care to 345,000 patients worldwide.

Industry: Healthcare

The Problem: The healthcare provider needed to ensure optimal network performance and up time, or availability, which is critical to patient experience.

Managing Diverse Carriers and Circuits:  With a network consisting of hundreds of different carriers' broadband circuits, relying on all of the carriers for speedy problem identification and resolution was not a reasonable expectation. A broadband aggregation provider helps with this, but, that introduced additional management and communication complexities.

Multiple Monitoring and Support Platforms: The healthcare company has a network comprised on diverse circuits and thousands of devices that needed to be managed. They had a monitoring tool and a ticketing platform, but, the broadband aggregator leveraged a different set of tools.

Our Solution: The healthcare provider partnered with us to leverage our technology services, including our managed services, to provide unified management and support to their clinics.  We tailored our solution to solve their specific pain points, integrating the various monitoring and support platforms. Our solution created a unified structure for all network performance monitoring, troubleshooting, resolution, and reporting.

Because our managed services is agnostic to carriers and technologies, the healthcare provider AND their broadband aggregation partner were better able to manage the large variety of circuits and carriers.

The Results: Our holistic approach provided the healthcare company with greater visibility into clinic performance, improved the speed of communication about network events, improved connectivity at each clinic, and improved the patient experience.

  • Improved network connectivity
  • Greater visibility of individual clinic performance, and overall network performance
  • Improved patient experience